вторник, 16 августа 2011 г.


I'm a huge fan of different changes. I don't know why maybe because I'm always searching for something better though I cant say that I'm a perfectionist. I believe that a person should have his own style though one can always add something more to it, try a new hair color, a new haircut, try on a new pair of shoes that one would have passed by a few months ago.
Not everyone should do that, for example my mum, yeah I know what you are thinking about now, her mum what is she talking about, but she is very young, mostly everyone think that we are sisters, well and she has never tried to dye her hair even in a different shade or change the haircut, she has long blonde hair since 13. Well and that works for her. Though lately she started experimenting with clothes, she borrows some of my jackets and bags, but just a few years ago she wore only polo and classic blue jeans, and for work she allowed in her wardrobe only one black color and she looked perfect at that time.
But thats not about me. I love trying out something new)
That is all me with different haircuts. Photos for the last five years.

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